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Gothic Girl Wallpaper Biography
Hannah Fury(famous gothic girl) was born in a land of glittering white snow and dark, foreboding forests. When she was five years old, she moved to a land of perpetual sunshine and reflective sand. Though she enjoyed this new environment and found it beautiful in a conspicuous sort of way, she missed the cryptic and mercurial quality of her homeland.

As she grew older, Hannah became increasingly aware of the disparity between her inner world and that of the "real" one which surrounded her. To counteract the effects of this fractured existence, she began to dabble in the occult, the extrasensory, and the covert. Her efforts consisted mainly of attempting (mostly unsucessfully) to summon spirits, to levitate objects, and (with a higher rate of success) to concoct formulations for invisible ink. She became adept at code breaking and espionage as well as numerous other activities of questionable value.

During all of her formative years, Hannah also took refuge in books, immersing herself in fantasy worlds and the enviable lives of others. By the age of ten, she had read every Nancy Drew mystery and every torrid Harlequin romance novel ever published, as well as a substantial selection of classic literature.

When she was 14, Hannah fell in love and was unable to concentrate on anything else for the next several years. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), when she was 16, "The Vampire Waltz" first appeared to her in its spectral form. Unlike other fragmented melodies that she had previously received, this one came complete with words and a title. Hannah soon became aware that this was not an ordinary transmission, for, unlike the others, "The Vampire Waltz" did not retreat into obscurity after a reasonable amount of time had passed. In fact, the opposite occurred, and the song's presence became so persistent that it soon overwhelmed Hannah's thoughts entirely. It was then that she decided she would do whatever was necessary to give this apparition a more solid existence, and so she began diligently to teach herself to play the unassuming upright piano that stood against a wall in her parents' home.

Learning to play was a time-consuming and laborious process. Hannah never played when other family members were around, primarily due to a marked lack of technical skill which caused great consternation and bewilderment to those unfortunate enough to be within range of hearing. This made practice a rare, though impassioned (and noisy), occurrence. These clandestine moments of discord were snatched here and there, and after a few years, and despite the aforementioned absence of methodological refinement, she had become proficient enough on the instrument to complete "The Vampire Waltz" as she heard it in her mind.

The obsessive psychic gates having thus been wrenched open, subsequent songs were composed quickly by any standards, and an increasingly confident writer began to emerge. Still, yet another year would pass before anyone would hear Hannah's collection of musical and lyrical creations. Secretive by nature, and aware of the potential cringeworthiness of discussing "art," Hannah desperately wanted to protect this most personal and important of endeavors.

At the start of the 1990s, Hannah was fortunate to meet a kindred spirit. She fell in love once again, and it was this trusted individual who became the first to hear Hannah's music. As a result of the encouragement she received, Hannah began to imagine, in hopeful delirium, the possibility of allowing others to hear her songs.

Believing, as was the fashion of the day, that she needed financial and creative support from outside sources, Hannah recorded a four-song demo tape and sent it to several small recording companies who proceeded to ignore it utterly and without ceremony. Dejected but undeterred, Hannah continued to write songs, some of which would later become her critically acclaimed EP Soul Poison.

Constantly plagued by self-doubt, Hannah found this period to be a difficult one. Her devoted friend rescued her once again by arguing that music was indeed her "calling," and by pointing to the evidence of a growing catalogue of songs that had come to her fully formed, as if from out of the ether, seemingly with little or no effort exerted on her part. Citing an entry in the Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience, he implored Hannah to realize that the descriptive text within that hallowed tome mirrored her own creative episodes almost exactly.

Thus convinced, and with a growing suspicion that she was unsuited to anything else, Hannah began to feel that perhaps she was indeed fated to this life. And so, she sought alternative methods of reaching the public with her music. The timing was felicitous. Relocating to Austin, Texas, had allowed Hannah to witness the wonder that is Daniel Johnston. Being a devout listener of his renowned home-recorded tapes, Hannah was now able to see Daniel perform his music at small, intimate venues, and was all the more inspired by this brilliant artist, who had long been one of her songwriting heroes and who epitomized the do-it-yourself ethic. Coinciding with this was the release of Lisa Germano's Geek the Girl, a glorious work which was reported to have been recorded by Lisa and friends on ADAT recording machines at her home.

Technology and inspiration thus in place, Hannah set out to build her own recording studio. She purchased an eight-track sound recording machine, a small sound mixer and a microphone. This new equipment took up residence alongside a previously purchased digital piano in the small apartment which Hannah occupied at the time. With her periods of depression and hopelessness now often tempered by insufferable bouts of narcissism, Hannah got to work. During a few weeks in early 1998, she recorded her debut EP, Soul Poison, which was received most enthusiastically by the music press. Encouraged by the positive response, Hannah began recording her follow-up full-length CD, The Thing That Feels. Released in October of 2000, The Thing That Feels has received high critical praise and garnered Hannah's work a loyal and obsessive cult following.

Nestled at the end of The Thing That Feels is "The Vampire Waltz," an eight-minute anti-lullaby of love, possession and the loss of innocence. It is the song that put Hannah on her path and changed her life from one of arbitrary misery to one full of meaning, metaphor and personal mythology. It is this song that Hannah believes came sweetly to her rescue and to determine if she was deserving of the music that was to follow.

— Kansas Mayhem & Eudora Splinterglass
with additional reporting by Vincent de la Mer

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Magical Medium of the Unseen Guests | Reviewer: Shroudwoman | 12/5/12

Sound is empty. Emptiness is sound. Waves resonate and only dogs can hear dog whistles and only kindred souls familiar with the unseen can find and truly hear the music of Hannah Fury.
When by some force of the multidimensional cyclical OM (Past, Present & Future) simultaneously feeding from all sound sources, now feeding aurally on the rich feast of Facebook, iTunes,and the Intergalatic Pleadean wide world web where one can actually tune into their own subconciousness,pay.99cents and be in the realm with this sylph named Hannah Fury- sister, daughter, mistress and Grandmaster of sound which breaks the eternal Heart of Darkness & Light.
Reminiscent of visiting the realms of Lisa Gerard without the Grand Ethnic Vault of all of this worlds instruments.More casualy akin to the precious parlour of a Laura Nero eraand "Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp" but more refined, ethereal and without the capability to ride a subway train or even go outside.
One gets the feeling Hannah is like a girl cursed to be cemented up inside of a castle wall by an evil Magician(muscician?) whispering to you eternally that she is there just behind that wall unable to get out.

Which brings us to the Breath. Breathing in the Kundalini sense, AIR, sighing, whispering, horrified unspeakable screech escaping under the breath, the silent scream. Hannah Fury understands how precious oxygen is and only lets air escape her body as one who is both giving it as the most precious gift (like giving water to those dying in a desert) or as an old miserly woman wartorn refugee dressed in shredded black silk hoarding AIR as if every breath is her last.
This woman is not of the same species as one the grotesque degenerate scantily clad POP WHORES with bad colored wigs and bare bruised breasts willing to show up and do anything anywhere with anyone for money and a record deal,the kind of 21st Century females we only seem to see today in the end of the Fiery Aeon. This is a true romantic, a magically Ancient Goddess Medium disguised as a Goth Ghost who has sacrified more than any of us will ever know to deliver the messages of the Unseen Guests who have chosen her to speak through to us, the unworthy.
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper
Gothic Girl Wallpaper

Desktop Girls Wallpaper

Desktop Girls Wallpaper Biography
If you are searching desktop wallpapers for hot, sexy and beautiful girl so look at Riya se. Riya Sen (born Riya Dev Varma on 24 January 1981) is an Indian film actress and model. Riya, who comes from a family of actors including her grandmother Suchitra Sen, mother Moon Moon Sen and sister Raima Sen, began her acting career in 1991 as a child actress in the film Vishkanya. Her first commercial success in her film career was with Style, a 2001 Hindi low-budget sex comedy directed by N. Chandra. Some of her other films include producer Pritish Nandy's musical film, Jhankaar Beats (2003) in Hinglish, Shaadi No. 1 (2005) and Malayalam horror film Ananthabhadram (2005).

Riya was first recognised as a model when she performed in Falguni Pathak's music video Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi at the age of sixteen. Since then, she has appeared in music videos, television commercials, fashion shows, and on magazine covers. She has been a heartthrob sensation throughout India. Riya has worked as an activist and appeared in an AIDS awareness music video with the aim of dispelling popular myths about the disease. She also helped raise funds for pediatric eye-care. Riya has faced controversies such as a MMS clip with actor Ashmit Patel, her semi-nude photograph on photographer Dabboo Ratnani's annual calendar and her on-screen kisses in a conservative Indian film industry.
Acting career

Riya first appeared as a child artist in the film Vishkanya in 1991, where she played the role of the young Pooja Bedi. At the age of 18, she did National Film Awards winning director Bharathiraja's Tamil film, Taj Mahal (2000), which did not achieve commercial success. She was scheduled to make her Bollywood film debut in Love You Hamesha, opposite actor Akshaye Khanna; however, the film was stalled, and she finally made her debut in N. Chandra's Style in 2001. This low-budget sex comedy was the first commercial success in over a decade for the director. A launch pad for Riya, cast in the female lead along with fellow-newcomers, Sharman Joshi, Sahil Khan and Shilpi Mudgal, the film pioneered a trend of commercial success for small budget films in India. Riya and the second female lead of the film were replaced by aspirant actresses Sunali Joshi and Jaya Seal in Xc'.

Her next success was Jhankaar Beats, a comedy revolving around the music of legendary composer R D Burman, which saw her playing a small and glamorous role alongside Shayan Munshi, Juhi Chawla, Rahul Bose, Rinke Khanna and Sanjay Suri. Produced by Pritish Nandy, publishing director of The Times of India, the film was made on a budget of Rs. 25 million (US$525,000), marking the sixth in a row of small to medium budget films made by Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC). Despite being part of a wave of offbeat films that mostly failed to make an impact at the box office, it drew public attention upon its release, which led to a commercial success among a restricted audience targeted by a selective release in twenty cities. It was one of the first films made in Hinglish, a mixture of Hindi and English. In 2005, she starred in Shaadi No. 1, which had no female lead] This comedy, based on the theme of modern marriage, was directed by David Dhawan, a renowned film director from this genre.

Although films like Style and Jhankar Beats succeeded commercially, most of her later films have generated less revenue. A number of them remained unfinished. While many of her appearances have been item numbers and cameos, few of her leading roles have been in low-budget films. Though she had small roles in Dil Vil Pyar Vyar (2002), Qayamat (2003) and Plan (2004), attention was drawn to her item numbers in all three, especially the one in Qayamat that featured her in a bubble-bath. Besides this, she performed another item number in James (2005) on director-producer Ram Gopal Varma's behest, who has a history of casting aspirant actress-models like Sameera Reddy, Isha Koppikar and Koena Mitra in similar roles. Furthermore, she took part in a dance number for Sajid Khan's Heyy Babyy (2007) that featured several mainstream Bollywood actresses.
Non-Hindi films
With its commercial and critical success Ananthabhadram was a high watermark in Riya's career

Riya has, in addition to Bollywood films, appeared in Bengali, Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam and English films. Her film career began in the earnest with Tamil films such as Bharathi Raja's Taj Mahal, co-starring Manjoj Bharatiraja in the male lead, and Manoj Bhatnaghar's Good Luck, opposite Prasanth. Both of the films failed commercially, and she had a brief reappearance in Tamil cinema only to perform in a dance number for N. Maharajan's Arasatchi.[dead link]

Her first English language movie was It Was Raining That Night, a remake of the Bengali film Hei Brishtir Raat, scripted by Sudeshna Roy and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. In the film, she collaborated with mother Moon Moon Sen. Riya was slated to appear in Anjan Dutt's Bengali-English bilingual film The Bong Connection with her sister, but she was eventually dropped from the project and replaced by Peeya Rai Chaudhary. The two sisters were later cast together in director Ajai Sinha's The Bachelor, a Bengali film that, as of 2008, is yet to be finished.

Her most successful non-Hindi film has been director Santhosh Sivan's Ananthabhadram (2005). The first Malayalam venture for both Riya and Sivan, was both a critical and commercial success. It won five Kerala State Film Awards and surfaced as one of the biggest Malayalam successes that year. She played the role of Bhama in the film, a village girl who is lured by Digambaran, the evil magician portrayed by Manoj K. Jayan. In a song-and-dance sequence showing Digambaran turning Bhama into a medium for demonic rituals, the choreographer Aparna Sindoor made abundant use Kathakali movements. The use of Kathakali has been a high point in the resurgence of the classical dance form in other major Indian films as well,including Shaji Karun's Vanaprastham (1999) and Adoor Gopalakrishnan's Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair (2005). She made her Telugu Debut with Nenu Meeku Telusa...?, in which she was paired opposite Manoj Manchu.
Modeling career
In the page of Dabboo Ratnani's calendar's 2004 edition.

Riya became a popular model when she appeared in numerous music videos for songs by popular singers, including Falguni Pathak's Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi (alternative title: Chudi Jo Khankayi), Asha Bhosle's Jhumka Gira Re, Jagjit Singh and Bhosle's Jab Samne Tum and Kahin Kahin Se, Lata Mangeshkar, Bhonsle and Singh's Dil Kahin Hosh Kahin, Sonu Nigam's Jeena Hai Tere Liye and Shaan's Sutta Maro. She shot for her first music video, Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, at the age of sixteen. This led to her being identified primarily as a performer for music videos early in her career, an image she aimed to shed in 2005. Riya has appeared on several magazine covers, including Femina, Elaan, Man's World, Gladrags, Savvy and Indian versions of Elle, Maxim and Cosmopolitan, as well as on the ramp of major fashion shows like Lakmé Fashion Week (2005–07) and Wills Fashion Week (2006–2007). She participated in fashion shows along with her elder sister, Raima Sen. Besides modeling, Riya has ventured into the advertisement world as well. A high point of her modeling career came in 2006, when she became the soft drink, Limca's brand ambassador, replacing Deepika Padukone. Her other notable assignments include Colgate, Dabur Vatika, Reliance Industries, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, and Nirma.

In 2004, she was featured partially nude in leading Indian photographer Dabboo Ratnani's annual calendar, which is a major happening in the Indian glamor industry. According to Daboo, "Her mother saw it much later, after the calendar released. She thought it was too sexy, and Riya shouldn't have done it. But the response to the photograph was superb. Riya was so thrilled that for her next ad campaign, she asked me to light her up like I did in this." A career highlight for the model, it led to a three year contract with Ratnani to feature her on his annual calendar. She is the only female face to be featured on the calendar in five consecutive years (2003–07)
Personal life and family

Born on 24 January 1981 in Kolkata, West Bengal, Riya is the daughter of Moon Moon Sen, a former actress, and granddaughter of Suchitra Sen, a legend in Bengali cinema. Before leaving for Mumbai, she lived in Kolkata with her parents and sister Raima Sen, also an actress. Her father Bharat Dev Varma is a member of the royal family of Tripura. Her paternal grandmother, Ila Devi, was the princess of Cooch Behar, whose younger sister Gayatri Devi was the Maharani of Jaipur. Her paternal great-grandmother Indira was the only daughter of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda.] Riya's maternal great-grandfather Adinath Sen was a prominent Kolkata businessman, whose father Dinanath Sen - a relative of former Union Law Minister Ashoke Kumar Sen- was the Diwan or a Minister of the Maharaja of Tripura. The sisters are credited on-screen under their mother's maiden name, although their official papers carry the surname Dev Varma.

Riya completed her schooling at Loreto House and Rani Birla Girls' College (a University of Calcutta affiliate), both in Kolkata. Thereafter, she studied at the National Institute of Fashion Technology,and she took up jewellery-designing as a hobby. She designs most of the clothes that she wears in films and commercials. Riya is trained in Kathak and is still pursuing it under Vijayshree Chaudhury.She is taking kickboxing lessons and has completed Level I of the 5 levels in belly dancing. Riya entered the film industry through small-time modeling assignments, commuting between Mumbai and Kolkata and traveling by public transport during her early career. After breaking into the film industry, she shifted from her mother's house in Ballygunge Circular Road in south Kolkata to Mumbai. There she moved into the family house in Juhu, where she stays with her sister. During her stay in Mumbai, the media romantically linked her to model and actor John Abraham. In the Bollywood press, she was, in 2008, speculatively linked to the novelist Salman Rushdie, although both stated that they were simply good friends.

Riya has suffered a number of untimely incidents. During the filming of Shaadi No. 1 in France, she was knocked unconscious after being accidentally run over by a stuntman's motorbike, but she was not seriously injured. Shortly before the release of Silsiilay, in which she starred opposite her boyfriend Ashmit Patel, a 90-second video clip was circulated through Multimedia Messaging Services and the internet, showing the pair in compromising situations. This was one of a number of controversies that erupted when celebrities were caught in similar situations using cameraphones. Following this incident, the couple split up,although Riya denied that she was the girl in the MMS clip. One commentator claimed that the footage was an orchestrated publicity stunt. In 2007, she underwent a brief detoxification session in Bangkok for addiction to chocolate.
Public persona

Riya's on-screen performances have established her as a sex symbol and youth icon in India. Since entering the film industry, she has gained attention for wearing a bikini in Shaadi No. 1 and sharing on-screen kisses with co-stars Ashmit Patel in Silsiilay and Sharman Joshi in Style, respectively. Such performances garnered attention because of the relatively conservative outlook of Indian cinema and her own statements about such practises. Before becoming a film identity, she had a reputation for partying, which started at the age of fifteen. Riya's public persona is compared to her mother Moon Moon, who was seen as a sex symbol of her time, while her sister Raima is mostly compared their grandmother Suchitra.

Although her film career has yet to achieve large-scale success, Riya has generated considerable media attention. She was ranked ninth on Femina 50 Most Beautiful Women, published in the magazine's September 2007 issue. She was a jury member for the 2008 Final of the Mr. India contest. Along with Bollywood actors such as Waheeda Rehman, Shilpa Shetty, Dia Mirza, Raveena Tandon, Jackie Shroff, Naseeruddin Shah, Tabu and Lara Dutta, Riya appeared in Haath Se Haath Mila, an HIV/AIDS awareness music video. She made charity appearances at McDonald's India to raise money for paediatric eye-care during World Children's Week (14–20 November) in 2003.
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Hot Girl Wallpaper Free Download Biography
Date of Birth
18 July 1980, Huntington Woods, Michigan, USA

Birth Name
Kristen Anne Bell


5' 1" (1.55 m)

Kristen graduated from New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied musical theater.she is Nude, sexy, and hot girl of era. She made her Broadway debut in 2001, originating the role of Becky Thatcher in the short-lived "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." In 2002, she was in the revival of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" on Broadway, starring Laura Linney and Liam Neeson.

Attended Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan. Had immersed herself in the theater program and began auditioning for film jobs in her sophomore year.

After playing Mary Lane in the "Reefer Madness" stage musical, she was asked to reprise the role in the film version, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005).

Has two stepsisters from her father's remarriage - Sara and Jody. They were both born in Canada.

Is of Irish and Polish descent.

Has two dogs: Lola and Mr. Shakes.

Plays a 17-year-old on "Veronica Mars" (2004) but is 7 years older than her character.

Was raised in suburban Huntington Woods, Michigan, and attended Burton Elementary School in Huntington Woods, Michigan, the same school actress Jessy Hodges and actor David Geister attended.

Her parents Tom Bell, a television news director, and Lorelei Bell, a registered nurse, divorced when she was two.

Named #68 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list.

Has now played two different characters named "Gracie" - in Fifty Pills (2006) and in Gracie's Choice (2004) (TV).

Is a vegetarian.

Is a big fan of "America's Funniest Home Videos" (1989) and "Extreme Makeover" (2008).

She worked at a TCBY in Royal Oak in 1997-1998 while a Senior in High School.

Lived in Huntington Woods, Michigan with other performers such as Ellen Sandweiss, Jessy Hodges, David Geister and Julie Schamanski.

Her favorite episode of "Veronica Mars" (2004) (as of 2006) is "Veronica Mars: The Wrath of Con (#1.4)" (2004).

Was voted PETA's "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" for 2006.

BFA in Drama - New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (2002).

Named #1 on Maxim's 2006 list of "Fall TV's Criminally Sexy Investigators".

Roots passionately for the Detroit Red Wings.

Was named by Jane magazine in the U.S.A. as one of the "11 People You'd Most Like to See Naked." She posed for the magazine's July 2005 issue.

Says she was a vegan in high school, but had to give it up because of her love of cheese.

Enrico Colantoni, who plays her father on "Veronica Mars" (2004), is only 17 years older than she is.

She loves animals and often volunteers for animal related charities.

She's an investor in bar L'Scorpion.

Was named the Popular Television Actress Most AIM users wanted to Add to Their Buddy Lists, and received the AIM Best TV Buddy award.

She was mentioned in People's Magazine "Most Beautiful 2007" on the Beauty at every age page. She was the beauty at age 26.

Named #24 on the Stuff Magazine "100 Sexiest Women 2007" list.

Named #46 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 women of 2007" list.

Was voted peta2's "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" for 2007.

Was named #11 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 women of 2006" list.

In 1998, the year of her graduation, she appeared in Polish Wedding (1998), a movie that was being filmed locally.

Named the yearbook's "Best Looking Girl" by senior class vote.

Was the Maxim cover feature for March 2006.

Broke both her wrists playing hockey.

Lived with producer Kevin Mann for a number of years.

Has a black Labrador, who is 11 years old and rescued from Hurricane Katrina [2008].

Aspires to be a stand-up comic.

Has dessert after every meal, even breakfast.

When she was 3 years old, announced to her parents that she was changing her name to "Smurfette".

Helped deliver two babies while doing volunteer work in Brazil.

Fan of Amy Poehler and Cher (They appeared together in Burlesque (2010/I)).

Has a "lazy eye" (her right eye) which she demonstrated on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" (2005).

Was #24 on FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2008" list.

Ranked #4 on Wizard magazine's "Sexiest Women of TV" list (March 2008).

Also attended Berkley High School in Berkley, Michigan.

Has a motorcycle license as told on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (2003).

Received the Helen Woodward Animal Center's 2009 Humane Award.

Burned her leg on a moped during the filming of When in Rome (2010).

Loves to cook. Reads food magazines.

Role models were Kathy Bates, Toni Collette and Tilda Swinton.

Is a skee-ball "freak". Had considered installing a machine in her Hollywood home.

Played on an all-boys baseball team for two years.

She has 3 dogs - a rescue Labrador called Sadie, a Corgi/Chow mix called Lola, and a Corgi/Chihuahua mix called Mr.Shakes.

Often ranked as having one of the "Most Beautiful Famous Faces" by "The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World". She was ranked #52 in 2010, #10 in 2009, #15 in 2008, #29 in 2007, #32 in 2006, #59 in 2005, and #48 in 2004.

Expecting her 1st child with her fiancé Dax Shepard in late spring 2013. [November 5, 2012]

Has been in a relationship with Dax Shepard since 2007 and they have been engaged since 2010.

Personal Quotes
[Why she liked the pilot script for "Veronica Mars" (2004)] "I loved Veronica right off the bat. She was so strong and I think it is so important because there are so few shows that portray women, especially young women as being strong and being able to stand up for themselves".

I'm not a risk taker. I don't do plunging necklines or really short skirts. I try to stay as classy as possible and provide a little mystery.

"I have always been an animal lover. I had a hard time disassociating the animals I cuddled with - dogs and cats, for example - from the animals on my plate, and I never really cared for the taste of meat. I always loved my Brussels sprouts!" (on being a vegetarian)

"I pushed myself way too hard during the first year of "Veronica Mars" (2004) and I got moody and run-down. Now I'll go to bed early instead of going out with friends. It's not always the most fun option, but I know I need at least eight hours of sleep to feel balanced".

(On the best time to be naked) "I rarely wear clothes when I'm home by myself. I love making breakfast naked. But you've got to make sure the gardener's not coming that day."

I'm carded for R-rated movies. And I get talked down to a lot. When I try to go rent a car or buy an airplane ticket or other stuff adults do, I get 'Okaaaaaay, honey.' I remember when I was 18, getting crayons in a restaurant.

Laughing is so good for you. It legitimately burns calories...and just makes you happier.

I hated being "Kristen Anne" growing up. And when I was about four I decided I really wanted to be called "Smurfette." And so I told my whole family, "I will now be known as Smurfette. I'm not gonna answer to anything else." And I was obsessed with the Smurfs. And so for a while, I didn't answer to anything but Smurfette; and I started getting in trouble because you have to come when your parents call you. And they said, "We can't do that. We cannot call you Smurfette." And so then I said, "Okay. Call me Matthew." That was my second choice. I really wanted to be called Matthew, because I had a cousin born Matthew, and I named all my dolls boys' names. But then, finally my parents said, "We're not going to call you Matthew." So I switched to Annie, because the movie was popular, and it was a fun nickname. And I was called Annie until I was sixteen. So, a lot of my friends and family still call me Annie. And then, when I switched school districts when I was sixteen and they called roll call and they said, "Kris" and I didn't raise my hand ('cause I wasn't as familiar). And then, when I realized it was me, obviously with the "Bell," I didn't choose to tell them my nickname was Annie. And so half my friends and family call me Annie, and half call me Kristen. You guys can still call me Smurfette if you want to.

I have a tiny Italian grandmother inside me. If someone walks in, I'm like 'Le em map you a sandwich!' I show love with cooking.
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Tattoo Girl Wallpaper Biography
Girls tattoo and other forms of body art  is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours, or at most (in the case of Mehndi or "henna tattoo") a couple of weeks. Girls tattoo that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Girls tattoo is also referred to as (a form of) temporary tattoo; large scale or full-Girls tattoo is more commonly referred to as Girls tattoo, while smaller or more detailed work is generally referred to as temporary tattoos.

Girls tattoo in human evolution
Joseph Jordania recently suggested that Girls tattoo, together with dancing, loud group singing, rhythmic stomping and drumming on external objects, was designed by the forces of natural selection as the means to reach the specific altered state of consciousness, battle trance through the ritualized activities. In this state group members were losing their individuality and were assuming a shared collective identity, where they were losing the feel of fear and pain and were fully dedicated to the group interests. This state was crucial for physical survival of the hominids in order to defend them from predators after they shifted from the relatively safe trees to more dangerous ground. As the first instances of the use of painting materials (ochre, manganese dioxide) by human ancestors predates the first cave paintings by tens or possibly hundred of thousands of the years, some scholars assume that the painting materials were used by human ancestors for painting their own bodies.
Traditional Girls tattoo
Girls tattoo with clay and other natural pigments existed in most, if not all, tribalist cultures. Often worn during ceremonies, it still survives in this ancient form among the indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and parts of Africa. A semi-permanent form of Girls tattoo known as Mehndi, using dyes made of henna (hence also known rather erroneously as "henna tattoo"), was and is still practiced in India and the Middle East, especially on brides. Since the late 1990s, Mehndi has become popular amongst young women in the Western world.
Indigenous peoples of South America traditionally use annatto, huito, or wet charcoal to decorate their faces and bodies. Huito is semi-permanent, and it generally takes weeks for this black dye to fade.
Actors and clowns around the world have painted their faces—and sometimes bodies—for centuries, and continue to do so today. More subdued form of face paints for everyday occasions evolved into the cosmetics we know today.
Modern Girls tattoo

A young woman with a butterfly painted on her chest
There has been a revival of Girls tattoo in the Western society since the 1960s, in part prompted by the liberalization of social mores regarding nudity and often comes in sensationalist or exhibitionist forms. Even today there is a constant debate about the legitimacy of Girls tattoo as an art form. The current modern revival could be said to date back to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago where Max Factor and his model were arrested for causing a public disturbance when he bodypainted her with his new make-up formulated for Hollywood films. Body art today evolves to the works more directed towards personal mythologies, as Jana Sterbak, Rebecca Horn, Youri Messen-Jaschin or Javier Perez.
Girls tattoo is not always large pieces on fully nude bodies, but can involve smaller pieces on displayed areas of otherwise clothed bodies.
Girls tattoo led to a minor alternative art movement in the 1950s and 1960s, which involved covering a model in paint and then having the model touch or roll on a canvas or other medium to transfer the paint. French artist Yves Klein is perhaps the most famous for this, with his series of paintings "Anthropometries". The effect produced by this technique creates an image-transfer from the model's body to the medium. This includes all the curves of the model's body (typically female) being reflected in the outline of the image. This technique was not necessarily monotone; multiple colors on different body parts sometimes produced interesting effects.

Demi's Birthday Suit - Vanity Fair cover, August 1992
Joanne Gair is a body paint artist whose work appeared for the tenth consecutive year in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She burst into prominence with a August 1992 Vanity Fair Demi's Birthday Suit cover of Demi Moore. Her Disappearing Model was part of an episode of Ripley's Believe It or Not!.

Two body painted women in a PETA protest against the fur trade
Girls tattoo is commonly used as a method of gaining attention in political protests, for instance those by PETA against Burberry.
Girls tattoo festivals

Girls tattoo at the World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden.

Girls tattoo during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

A Girls tattoo installation at the World Bodypainting Festival in Pörtschach.
Girls tattoo festivals happen annually across the world, bringing together professional body painters as well as keen amateurs. Girls tattoos can also typically be seen at football matches, at rave parties, and at certain festivals. The World Bodypainting Festival in Pörtschach (previously held in Seeboden) in Austria is the biggest art event in the bodypainting theme and thousands of visitors admire the wonderful work of the participants.
Bodypaint festivals that take place in North America include the North American Girls tattoo Championship, Face and Body Art International Convention in Orlando, Florida, Bodygras Girls tattoo Competition in Nanaimo, BC and the Face Painting and Body Art Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fine art Girls tattoo
The 1960s supermodel Veruschka is often cited as being many body painters' muse.[citation needed] Her images in the book Transfigurations with photographer Holger Trulzsch have frequently been emulated.[citation needed] Other well-known works include Serge Diakonoff's books A Fleur de Peau and Diakonoff and Joanne Gair's Paint a licious.
Since the early 1990s bodypainting has become more widely accepted in the United States, and more and more body artists are beginning to come onto the national community.

Georgetown University fans with painted torsos in Atlanta; such painting is common in many sports
Starting in late 2006 Sacramento art galleries started to use fine art bodypainting as performance art to draw new patrons.[citation needed]
In 2006 the first gallery dedicated exclusively to fine art bodypainting was opened in New Orleans by World Bodypainting Festival Champion and Judge, Craig Tracy. The Painted Alive Gallery is on Royal Street in the French Quarter.
In 2009, a popular late night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC network, featured a New York based artist Danny Setiawan who creates reproductions of masterpieces by famous artists such as Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustav Klimt on human bodies aiming to make fine art appealing for his contemporaries who normally would not consider themselves as art enthusiasts.
Girls tattoo in the commercial arena

Reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night as a Girls tattoo
Many artists work professionally as body painters across the world. Their work is seen regularly in television commercials, such as the Natrel Plus campaign featuring models camouflaged as trees. Body painters also work frequently in the film arena especially in science fiction with more and more elaborate alien creations being body painted. Stills advertising also used Girls tattoo with hundreds of Girls tattoo looks on the pages of the world's magazines every year.
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, published annually, has in recent years featured a section of models that were body painted, attired in renditions of swimsuits or sports jerseys. Sometimes accessories are used such as bows or buttons. Some allege this allows SI to skirt their own no-nudity guideline.[citation needed]
In the 2005 Playmates at Play at the Playboy Mansion calendar, all Playmates appeared in the calendar wearing bikinis, but Playmates Karen McDougal and Hiromi Oshima actually appeared in painted on bikinis for their respective months. In October, 2005, the Playboy magazine cover featured a foldout of two models (Sara Jean Underwood and Victoria Thornton) wearing only body paint. The February 2008 cover of Playboy magazine featured Tiffany Fallon body painted as Wonder Woman. These covers and other Girls tattoos done for Hugh Hefner's parties at the Playboy Mansion are created for Playboy by artist Mark Frazier.[citation needed] Michelle Manhart, Playboy model and former Air Force Staff Sergeant, recently posed in body paint for the cover of a 2008 pin-up calendar (published by Operation Calendar).
With the success of Girls tattoo, this has led to publications on this art form and also Illusion Magazine which is aimed to painters for all abilities, showcasing work around the world.
Face painting

Moche ceramic vessel at the Larco Museum in Lima, depicting a man, possibly a warrior, with face painting
Face painting is the artistic application of cosmetic "paint" to a person's face. There are special water-based cosmetic "paints" made for face painting; people should ask before having face paints applied what products are being used. Acrylic and tempera craft paints are not meant for use on skin and are not acceptable, nor are watercolor pencils or markers. Products not intended for use on skin can cause a variety of issues ranging from discomfort to severe allergic reactions.Just because the product is marked "non-toxic" does not mean it is meant to be used on the skin.
From ancient times, it has been used for hunting, religious reasons, and military reasons (such as camouflage and to indicate membership in a military unit). Recent archaeological research shows that Neanderthals had the capability and tools for face painting; although they are no longer considered a direct ancestor of homos sapiens, they lived alongside them in some areas and it is a reasonable assumption that humanity has painted faces and bodies since the very beginning. Although it died out in Western culture after the fall of the French aristocracy, face painting re-entered the popular culture during the hippie movement of the late 1960s, when it was common for young women to decorate their cheeks with flowers or peace symbols at anti-war demonstrations. The popular TV variety show, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, featured bodies painted with comedic phrases and jokes during transitions.
For several decades it has been a common entertainment at county fairs, large open-air markets (especially in Europe and the Americas), and other locations that attract children and adolescents. Face painting is very popular among children at theme parks, parties and festivals throughout the Western world. Though the majority of face painting is geared towards children, many teenagers and adults enjoy being painted for special events, such as charity fund raisers. Face painting is also a part of cosplay practice, and is enjoyed yearly by people who dress up as zombies to dance with the annual worldwide "Thrill the World" event on the Saturday before Halloween.
There are many kinds of face paint, including:
Designs that include the emblems of favorite sports teams, cartoon characters, and other designs that are "cute" or otherwise appealing to the young.
Dramatic designs that appeal to all ages.
Costuming designs which transform the wearer into someone/something completely different, such as Jack Haley's silver face makeup as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz.
Designs that endeavor to color the face in such a way to indicate solidarity with a cause, usually the outcome of a sporting contest or membership in a group.
Popular face painting designs include;

Boy in tiger face paint
Tiger - This design, in most cases, consists of a body of orange and yellow paint, with black stripes painted on. Details include bushy eyebrows and a muzzle or whiskers, alongside a black painted nose.
Clown - This design, in most cases, consists of a body of white painting. With shapes and features such as a red nose or bright eyes the model is made to take on the features of a circus clown.
Spider-Man - This is a body of red paint with white eyes and spider like black patterns on the models face. Similar to that of the mask worn by Spider-Man.
Dog - Commonly a dalmatian, this design is white with large black spots on the eyes and cheeks. A black nose is added along with whisker pores. A tongue is commonly added to give the effect of the model panting, similar to that of a dog.
Butterfly - A design consisting of the body of the butterfly being painted on the nose and the wings added across the cheeks. Wing patterns vary.
Cat - Many designs may feature under this heading. It could be a plain black tabby cat or a wild leopard. Either way, it usually consists of a neutral body of paint with bushy eyebrows and a muzzle.

Two girls with painted faces
It is common to find if someone is dressed in an animal costume, a black nose will be added alone to give the impression of an animal face and not just body. Sometimes, a full face is added or sometimes none at all.
Most theme parks have booths scattered around where a person can have a design painted on their face. A similar activity is the application of "instant tattoos", which are paint or ink-based designs that are put on as one unit and removed by means of water, alcohol, soap, or another mild solvent. More elaborate temporary tattoos may be made using stencils and airbrush equipment.
Use in military

A soldier applies face paints as camouflage
It is common in militaries all over the world for soldiers in combat scenarios to paint their faces and other exposed body parts (hands, for example) in natural colors such as green, tan, and loam for camouflage purposes.
Use in professional wrestling
Many professional wrestlers paint their faces as part of their costuming. Examples are The Ultimate Warrior, Road Warrior Animal and his tag team partner, Road Warrior Hawk, and Doink the Clown.

Professional wrestler Sting.
In the late 1980s, American professional wrestler Steve Borden, under the stage name Sting, wore colourful striped facepaint as part of his ring attire, in the National Wrestling Alliance and later, World Championship Wrestling. In the mid-1990s, the Sting character was modernised along the lines of Brandon Lee's The Crow, with black and white facepaint usually following a pattern similar to that of a scorpion. Upon joining the nWo Wolfpac stable in 1998, the facepaint was temporarily altered to red and black.
In 2002, WWE superstar Jeff Hardy began utilizing facepaint in different variations. Upon being drafted to WWE's RAW brand in 2002, Hardy began wearing neon or ultraviolet body paint, that would glow in its colour under UV lighting placed on the entrance stage. Upon entering TNA Wrestling in 2003, Hardy's facepaint took on a more luminous quality, before being quietly retired in 2006, upon his WWE return. In 2008, Hardy resumed using facepaint as part of his ring attire. Hardy continues to use facepaint as a key part of his act, though he no longer wears it in on-screen non-wrestling segments.
In 2007, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Women's Champion Melina was painted gold with glitter flames and barbwire by artist Mark Greenawalt. She posed with her title belt.

Glitter tattoos
Lately, "glitter tattoos" have been gaining popularity. These are made by applying cosmetic-grade glue (either freehand or through a stencil) on the skin and then coating it with cosmetic-grade glitter. They can last up to a week depending on the model's body chemistry.
Body paints

Modern water-based face and body paints are made according to stringent guidelines, meaning these are non-toxic, usually non-allergenic, and can easily be washed away. Temporary staining may develop after use, but it will fade after normal washing. These are either applied with hands, paint brush, and synthetic sponges or natural sea sponge, or alternatively with an airbrush.

Bodypainting with fluorescent paint. This type of facial makeup is intended for use only on limited, infrequent occasions, e.g., Halloween, and not for regular or daily use
Contrary to the popular myth perpetuated by the James Bond film Goldfinger, a person is not asphyxiated if their whole body is painted.
Liquid latex may also be used as body paint. Aside the risk of contact allergy, wearing latex for a prolonged period may cause heat stroke by inhibiting perspiration and care should be taken to avoid the painful removal of hair when the latex is pulled off.
Manufacturers of widely available professional body and face paint include: Ben Nye, Derivan, Fardel, Grimas, Kryolan, MAC-Pro, Mehron, Smiffy's Make-Up FX, Snazaroo and Wolfe Face Art & FX.
The same precautions that apply to cosmetics should be observed. If the skin shows any sign of allergy from a paint, its use should immediately be ceased. Moreover, it should not be applied to damaged, inflamed or sensitive skin. If possible, a test for allergic reaction should be performed before use. Special care should be paid to the list of ingredients, as certain dyes are not approved by the US FDA for use around the eye area —generally those associated with certain reddish colorants, as CI 15850 or CI 15985— or on lips —generally blue, purple or some greens containing CI 77007—. More stringent regulations are in place in California regarding the amount of permissible lead on cosmetic additives, as part of Proposition 65. In the European Union, all colorants listed under a CI number are allowed for use on all areas. Any paints or products which have not been formulated for use on the body should never be used for body or face painting, as these can result in serious allergic reactions.
As for Mehndi, natural brown henna dyes are safe to use when mixed with ingredients such as lemon juice. However, a commonly marketed product called "black henna", is not safe to use because the product has been made by mixing natural henna with synthetic black dyes containing PPD, which can cause serious skin allergies, and should be avoided due to the substantial risk of serious injury. Another option is Jagua, a dark indigo plant based dye that is safe to use on the skin and is approved for cosmetic use in the EU.
Hand art

Hand art is the application of make-up or paint to a hand to make it appear like an animal or other object. Some hand artists, like Guido Daniele, produce images that are trompe l'oeil representations of wild animals painted on people's hands.
Hand artists work closely with hand models. Hand models can be booked through specialist acting and modeling agencies usually advertising under "body part model" or "hands and feet models".

This section requires expansion. (February 2009)
Girls tattoo figures prominently in various media.
The Pillow Book, a 1996 film by Peter Greenaway, centers around Girls tattoo.
In 2009, New Zealand national airline Air New Zealand created a television commercial and a safety video, featuring airline staff (including CEO Rob Fyfe) wearing body-painted uniforms. It was part of the company's "Nothing to Hide" campaign, to promote its difference form low-cost airlines with its fully inclusive fares.
The 1990 American film Where the Heart Is featured several examples of models who were painted to blend into elaborate backdrops as trompe-l'œil.
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper
Tattoo Girl Wallpaper

Cool Girl Wallpaper

Cool Girl Wallpaper Biography
Date of Birth
9 April 1990, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name
Kristen Jaymes Stewart

Ki Ki

5' 6" (1.68 m)

Though most famous for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart has been a working actor since her early years in Los Angeles, California. Her parents, John Stewart and Jules Stewart, both work in film and television. Her mother is Australian. The family includes three boys, her older brother Cameron Stewart, and two adopted brothers Dana and Taylor.

She is very cool girl by her nature. After a talent scout caught her grade school performance in a Christmas play at the age of eight, she appeared on television in a few small roles. Her first significant role came when she was cast as Sam Jennings in The Safety of Objects (2001). Soon after that, she starred alongside Jodie Foster in the hit drama, Panic Room (2002) and was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

Praised for her Panic Room performance, she went on to join the cast of Cold Creek Manor (2003) as the daughter of Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone. Though the film did not do well at the box office, she received another nomination for a Young Artist Award. After appearing in a handful of movies and a Showtime movie called Speak (2004), Stewart was cast in the role of a teenage singer living in a commune in Sean Penn's Into the Wild (2007), a critically acclaimed biopic. A third Young Artist Award nomination resulted in a win for this role. She also appeared in Mary Stuart Masterson's The Cake Eaters (2007) that same year.

Just 18, Stewart took on the starring role in Twilight (2008/I) opposite Robert Pattinson who plays the vampire lead, Edward Cullen. Based on a series of the same name written by Stephenie Meyer, the novel already had a huge following and the film opened to fans anxious to see the vampire romance brought to life. Awarded the MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance, Stewart's turn as Bella continued in the sequels The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010). The final installments of the series start filming in late 2010.

Rocketed into stardom with the Twilight films, Stewart has continually shrunk from the spotlight. She has also taken on a number of indie projects, including Adventureland (2009) (filmed prior to the Twilight series) and Welcome to the Rileys (2010). And she took on the daunting task of playing rocker Joan Jett in Floria Sigismondi's The Runaways (2010) alongside Dakota Fanning. Though most critics heaped praised on Fanning for her poignant performance as Cherie Currie, Stewart also received praise for her acting and musical performances.

One of Stewart's next big projects is the upcoming film adaptation of the classic novel by Jack Kerouac, On the Road (2012), in which she'll star as Marylou. Shooting began in the summer of 2010, and the film is slated for a December 2012 release.

Stewart continues to live in Los Angeles, California.

Trade Mark
Often plays characters who are deeply troubled or have suffered an emotional trauma
Pale skin

Has an older brother named Cameron Stewart and two adopted brothers named Dana and Taylor. Her parents home where she grew up is in Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. Kristen owns homes in Malibu and Los Feliz areas of Los Angeles where she splits her time when she isn't on location filming.

Her father is John Stewart, a TV producer who works at Fox-TV and co-produced "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" (2004). Since 2010, he has been working with George Lopez at "Lopez Tonight" (2009) on TBS TV. Due to his job he is often present for his daughter's television appearances.

Born in Los Angeles and then spent some of her early years in Colorado and Pennsylvania before moving back to Los Angeles with her family when she was 8 years old.

Supporter and member of the Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet.

[2008] Was ranked #17 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actress list.

Had to wear brown contact lenses for Twilight (2008/I) because she has naturally green eyes while Bella's eyes are supposed to be brown. Stewart wore the brown colored contacts in the first 4 of the Twilight films. In the 5th and final film Stewart wore red contacts when she was a new born vampire and amber color contacts as she matures towards the end of the film.

Four times nominated, 3 consecutive years (2003-2005) and in 2008 for the Young Artist Award. She won in 2008 for her acting in the movie Into The Wild.

[2008] Named The Movie Fanatic's Hottest Young Actress.

Has 3 dogs: Oz, a border collie mix, Jack and Lily who are hybrid wolves. Also has a cat named Max / Jella.

[2008] Was ranked #9 on Moviefone's 'The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25'.

Her mother is Australian.

Mother is Jules Stewart, a script supervisor who is directing her first film K-11 (2012).

Was introduced to Vegemite (an Australian spread) by her Sydney-born mother and names Noosa Heads (a Queensland resort town) as one of her favorite places on the planet. Her Australian heritage also inspired the name of her dog, a border collie named Oz.

Attended Saint Martin of Tours in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Replaced Hayden Panettiere as Sarah Altman in Panic Room (2002) just before shooting began.

After the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), Kristen Stewart was called for jury duty in Los Angeles and was accepted to a jury for a case in which the defendant was accused of soliciting sex from an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute. The case proceedings took three days and ended with the jury finding the defendant not guilty.

Very private about her personal life. In 2010, many main stream media outlets began referring to her relationship with Twilight (2008/I) co-star, Robert Pattinson, as matter of fact rather than rumored.

Was named "Stonette of the Year" by High Times magazine in 2010 (for her performance in Adventureland (2009)).

Ranked #3 in FHM Online "Sexiest Women in the World" (2010).

Ranked #13 in the 2011 FHM list of "Sexiest Women in the World".

Ranked #6 in the 2010 FHM list of "Sexiest Women in the World".

Her favorite horror movie is The Shining (1980).

Was named Forbes 5th Highest Paid Celebrity Couple in 2011 with boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

Landed her first American Vogue cover in January, 2011. She also appeared in a photo-shoot for Vogue Italia in 2011.

Prior to filming The Runaways (2010) she worked closely with Joan Jett to perfect her mannerisms, stage presence, vocal tone, attitude, and musical skill. Jett later praised Stewart for her dedication and overall performance stating the portrayal made her proud.

Learned to play guitar for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways (2010). She also recorded her own vocal tracks for 6 songs used in the film and its corresponding soundtrack.

While filming an attack scene in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) she pulled a ligament in her right hand causing production to temporarily shut down. She also sustained a foot injury while on set.

On November 3, 2011, Stewart and her Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner imprinted their handprints and footprints into cement in front of the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. Stewart wore black and white checkered Vans skate shoes for her footprints and later gave them to the theater to keep as a souvenir.

Welcome to the Rileys (2010) was the first movie Stewart filmed by herself as a legal adult. She felt being alone for the first time added to her role as a 16-year old runaway living alone in New Orleans.

Attended A. E. Wright Middle School in Calabasas, California until 8th grade. Stewart was homeschooled for grades 9-12 due to her busy schedule. At age 19 she received her high school diploma while filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010).

Her favorite vampire film is The Lost Boys (1987).

Has appeared alongside Melissa Leo twice. Once in The Cake Eaters (2007) and again in Welcome to the Rileys (2010).

Has worked with Elizabeth Perkins twice. Once in Speak (2004) and again in Fierce People (2005). In both films Perkins played Stewart's mother.

At age 8, Stewart was discovered by a talent agent while singing in a school play. Although Stewart has since become an actress and not a singer she has performed her own vocals in two films, Into the Wild (2007) and The Runaways (2010).

Gave her Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) co-star, Josh Hutcherson, a turtle for his 13th birthday.

Celebrated her 19th birthday while filming The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) in British Columbia, specifically while shooting Bella Swan's 18th birthday scene.

In preparation for her role as a runaway stripper-prostitute in Welcome to the Rileys (2010) Stewart learned how to pole dance, deprived herself of sleep, chain-smoked, and ate mostly junk food. As a result her body and legs were covered with bruises, her skin was blemished, and she constantly looked tired.

Voted #27 on Ask men's top 99 'most desirable' women of 2012 list.

On January 13, 2012, Stewart was named the newest spokesperson for Balenciaga and was set to be the face of a new fragrance for 2012. As a result of the partnership, Stewart attended Paris Fashion Week in March 2012 to attend the Balenciaga fashion show.

Did most of her own stunts for her role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012).

Stewart agreed to a salary less than $200,000 so she could remain be part of On the Road (2012) after the film's budget was drastically cut. Stewart remained committed to the role of Marylou out of her love for the original novel by Jack Kerouac.

Attended the 2012 MTV Movie Awards with Scout Taylor-Compton, one of her co-stars from The Runaways (2010). It was the first MTV Awards show she attended without Robert Pattinson.

Ranked #7 on Askmen's list of the Top 99 "most desirable" famous women for 2013.

Personal Quotes
On working on the film Panic Room (2002) with such a big name star as Jodie Foster: "When I got "Panic Room", I'm like, 'Oh my God that's huge! It's bigger than huge'. I was kind of freaked out at first".

(about her love for acting) I love it because I love to tell stories. I like being in movies that have a great story. I'm not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It's a job, you know. When you wake up at six in the morning every day for a week, it feels like hard work.

I don't want to make movies for kids, and I don't want to make movies for adults either.

Acting is such a personal thing, which is weird because at the same time it's not. It's for the consumption of other people. But in terms of creative outlets and expressing yourself, it's just the most extreme version of that that I've ever found. It's like running, it's exertion. When you reach that point where you can't go anymore and you stop and you take a breath, it's that same sort of clearing of the mind.

A lot of actors think that what we do is so important, like we're saving people's lives or something.

All I try to do in the press is be honest about something that I really care about.

I've always had an aversion to looking sexy, but I've grown out of it.

I start everything from the same place, with that sense of responsibility. On a bigger movie, you have to be aware that you can only control your aspect of the film. It's nice to be on a smaller movie because you're working with your friends and you feel so close-knit. It's your movie and you can do anything you want, and nobody's going to have anything to say. With a bigger movie, it concerns so many people. It's so much more of a process. But, in terms of what I do personally, it has to be the same, or else I'm just on some big movie, being a liar, and I can't do that.

Really, I'm incredibly disjointed and not candid. Just in general, my thoughts tend to come out in little spurts that don't necessarily connect. If you hang around long enough, you can find the linear path. But it will take a second. That is why these interviews never go well for me.

About having an aha moment when it came to pursuing an acting career: I have the "Aha" moments progressively -- they're like milestones and they hit you. I think my first "Aha!" moment was when I did this (TV) movie called "Speak." I was just rolling with it, and ended up kind of really losing myself in it, so that I felt like I was a different person at the end. That was a big moment.

You should have the opportunity to be more than one person with different people - because you have that within you. It's not like you're faking it. If everyone knows you so well and can always get a hold of you, then you're stuck to this thing that people think you are. You should have the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Because you do. Naturally.

On whether she wants to develop her skills as a writer: I do want to work on writing, because writing's a skill. Writing is something that you can train yourself to know better. To know yourself better. And it's intimidating as hell. I mean, I definitely will always do what I've been doing. I've also started taking a lot of pictures, and they help the writing. The pictures help the writing. I mean, I want to make books. I want to take pictures and then write all over the pictures. And then I don't have to say a complete story, because I have the picture, and I have just a word.

About Bella in New Moon: Well, she loses what basically gives her the drive to do anything in her whole life. She loses the man she's in love with, but she also loses her entire life plan, and she's so young to have to be forced into a decision like that. It's just a glorified, elaborate version of the worst breakup you've ever been through. All of a sudden you question everything. All of a sudden you know nothing and you're dropped in the middle of a freezing cold ocean. Oddly, we have a character that's warm enough and bright enough to bring her out of that, and it's truly gut-ripping. Because as perfect as Jacob is for her, she holds on to an ideal, the ultimate fiery love that she has for Edward even though it's not comfortable, it's not practical and it's not a good idea.

This weird thing happens when you're in a movie that has some level of success. People start offering you all kinds of things, and they just expect you to do them because they'll be good for your career. It's not about the project's integrity or anything like that. It's about raising your profile and all that crap.

I was just in Botswana in Africa. I wanted to learn something about the world. I just feel really ignorant whenever I leave the country. I don't know a lot of stuff, and I really want to. I figure that traveling is a good way to start if you want knowledge. Like, if you don't know something about a country, then go and check it out. That's what I did.

On how her life has changed since Twilight: My life hasn't changed. Most circumstances I find myself in are different than they were a year ago, but I myself haven't changed...however a normal 18-year-old girl would change in a year. But it makes things so much easier. I would do it for free every day [even] if nobody saw it. I cannot describe how good it feels to actually have something that is truly into your heart and soul actually affecting people. And that's amazing. So that's the biggest change.

On whether she wants to continue making movies or go to college: I absolutely have no foresight. I used to think I had a lot when I was younger. I worked really hard in school to give myself options, and I've literally taken those options and thrown them down the toilet. Purposely - not to make that sound totally negative. It's what I want. I want to keep doing what I'm doing. It's funny, people ask me all the time: 'What do you do for fun? What do you do when you're not acting?' It's a strange thing, acting. It's a business, it's a job, everything like that. All it is, is self-reflection. You just never stop caring about people and I've never stopped doing that, so I'm sure it'll seep into other areas of my life. I want to write. I'm not going to school because I can't take the structure of it, but I'm not going to stop learning.

Usually I come in and sit down at roundtables in America and they look at me like 'what is wrong with you?' Just because I don't fit...nobody fits into the frame that typical Hollywood young actresses do, but they try to. They try to be this thing. Try to memorize answers and make everybody happy. That's so horrifying and scary to me. So when you're not that, you get criticized for it. You get criticized for being honest and criticized for being nervous. So that's kind of annoying. I do a whole day of press and then I get calls from publicity people that are like, 'you might want to be a little bit more bubbly'. And I'm like, 'no'. People get very upset in the States. It's weird. Fans of the book especially. They don't understand me. Which is fine. I guess it doesn't really matter who I am, it just matters that they like the movie.

On doing interviews: Self-evaluation is not my strong point, and you're constantly asked to critique yourself. You just spent three months on a set and your whole life is wrapped up in that - and then it's like, "Okay, define that right now in five seconds." I can't do that. I used to get so nervous that I would become a completely different person - and then they would think that was me. So I've tried to calm down, but no one's ever going to write, "Oh, she's actually just a pretty f---in' average chick who really loves what she does." That's not gonna happen.

On how fame changed her life: There's nothing you can do about it, to be honest. I don't leave my hotel room -- literally, I don't. I don't talk to anybody about my personal life, and maybe that perpetuates it, too. But it's really important to own what you own and keep it to yourself. That said, the only way for me not to have somebody know where I went the night before is if I didn't go out at all. I'm trading. It depends on what mood I'm in. Some nights, I think, 'You know what? I don't care. I'm going to do what I want to do.' Then the next day I think, 'Ugh. Now everyone thinks I'm going out to get the attention.' and I'm like, 'No, actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person.'

Speech after winning an Orange Bafta (2010): Wow. Thank you. I guess first I have to thank all the fans of Twilight for proving again and again to be THE most devoted and attentive fans ever. Considering this is voted, credit is due to them so thank you. To the other actors nominated, I am so blown away by you that I can't even describe it. To be voted among you is just overwhelming. And I'd like to say hi to my family.

People always ask me if Im dating Robert [Pattinson]. It's beyond annoying. What I say is, that, why would I want anything that's private to become entertainment for other people?

My family are amazing. I had like, the perfect upbringing. It sucks for people like Lindsay [Lohan], but it's not her fault she's so off the rails - and she's smart, very smart.

I'm totally preoccupied with cooking. And now I'm obsessed with the Food Network. I like Paula Deen because she's hilarious,.

It's weird, because I would be the last person in my school to be in plays, but I was forced to sing a song in a school thing. I sang a dreidel song, which is funny for me. I've never celebrated Hanukkah - it wasn't in my upbringing, but it was one of those deals where everybody has to pick a song or participate somehow in the chorus. It wasn't the normal dreidel song; I can't really remember the words, but it was a more serious dreidel song. The dreidel was huge, it was really honored. And that's how I met my agent, who was in the audience. I was eight.

[on her hair]: Since I started acting I have never had by natural color, which is light brown. But it's fine, it's funny seeing yourself look different.

I'm asked all the time in interviews about who I am, and I know a few people my age who have a strong sense of self, but I couldn't say I know myself and sum it up and give it to you in a little package. I don't know myself at all yet.

I wouldn't tell you anything about anybody I cared about because it becomes entertainment for other people, and it sort of just cheapens everything in your life. I would never tell you if I was dating anybody.

I think romance is anything honest. As long as it's honest, it's so disarming.

You build a perimeter of people that are really important to you.

[on the down-side of fame]: There's no way to eloquently put this. I just can't go to the mall. It bothers me that I can't be outside very often. And also to not ever be just 'some girl' again. Just being some chick at some place, that's gone.

Anytime I hear that somebody's really rich, the first question is, 'Do you do anything with it? Or do you, like, chill? You just sit on it?'

When I dress up, I have to have a lot of help. I was in a T-shirt until a few minutes ago.

What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction.

I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them.

It's impossible to always get across what I'm trying to say, but, if I just stay honest, then I'm not going to look back on any of these interviews and wonder what I was trying to do or be.

[on her rise to fame and claims that she is ungrateful or unhappy]: I totally am more comfortable now. I try not to have a celebrity skin, which is why I think I run into problems. So many people say 'Why don't you just play the part?' I do, I really try to do that. I guess I should get a face transplant or something. I really love what I do, I really love everybody that I've ever worked with, I've gotten really lucky. I'm very appreciative, so that always kills me.

I think it's funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I'm nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward - and I am - but those are bad words for them.

[on the paparazzi]: Once somebody finds out, you have to get the hell out of wherever you are. People freak out. And the photographers, they're vicious. They're mean. They're like thugs. I don't event want to drive around by myself anymore. It's dangerous.

I don't think there's anything about being a celebrity that is desirable. I understand that everybody's going to know who you are and what you look like, but why be so obsessive?

Maybe I'm completely different from everyone else. There are a lot of girls who can't wait to get married and plan their wedding a long time in advance. I'm not like that. I do want to start a family at some point, but I don't know when.

[on punching Chris Hemsworth] I have to say for anyone who's ever been in that situation where, as a girl, you think it's not going to do anything. It fucking does something. He was standing over me and I just went "boom!" I spun him around. I punched him right out of his close-up and then I started crying. I felt horrible.

The strangest part about being famous is you don't get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them.

On Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) I'm having the most fulfilling experience as an actor. I'm close with Rupert Sanders, have his ear, and it's to his credit that I feel this way because I'm getting my first taste of really collaborating. Usually as an actor you put your hands up and go, "that's not my thing." I love acting. Honestly, I love looking at the call sheet where it says my character's name above my name. That's what I'm here for, but it's also cool to be on their level. To give an opinion and be taken seriously.

I can't wait to not be working and go home and gain some interests. I want to see what I'm into. I want to figure out what I want.

[on wearing colored contacts in Twilight] The contacts suck so badly. You can't see anything thus people cannot see you, I feel. There is just no getting in there.

[on choosing to leave public school] School became genuinely uncomfortable. I was feeling a little self-conscious about the acting thing with my peers, but also my teachers became a problem. They didn't want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away. They failed me. My teachers failed me. Not one, but all of them. I'm always slightly ashamed, in a way, about what I do. I'm slightly embarrassed as I had such serious ambitions when I was younger. I just never imagined that I would ever have a reason not to go to school, but then this happened.

[on her role as Melinda Sordino in Speak (2004)] I was definitely aware of the film's subject matter, and it wasn't because of anything that had happened in my own life. Not at all. I grew up in a happy household.

It took me a long time to realize that I was a girl as a teenager. At that point I never really believed it. I looked like a boy for a long time. Now, finally, I feel like a woman.

[on the paparazzi] It really is not a nightmare, it's just one of those things. I guarantee whenever I get married or have a baby, everyone is going to want to know my kid's name and I'm not going to say it for ages. That's just the way I want to do it. It'll come out but it won't have come from me. They're going to be really pissed off that I won't say it and I'm just going to say, "No!"

I play music but only for myself. For my ears only.

If a woman isn't happy and un-opinionated and long-haired and pretty, then she's weird and ugly. I just don't get it. I hate it when they say I'm ungrateful and I fucking hate it when they say I don't give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I'm telling you I don't know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.

The reason I feel compelled to do movies is because of whatever feeling you get when you read it. And to have four years of not being done [with the Twilight Saga] it constantly weighs on you. You're constantly thinking about going back and finishing the series.

Every day you come home from work you go, like, God I wish I could go back and do yesterday again because I'm better now.

I know that I don't seem like the type of person that really loves to be in the center of things, but anyone to deny the type of energy, like the effect of shared love, you'd have to be a sociopath to not let it in.

As an actor your life is so wrapped up in your job. It's not normal. People's jobs don't affect their whole lives. Mine is why I love my life and so to talk about it to you guys [the media] and to know that it's not just you guys, that I'm talking through you to the fucking world, it's really scary at first. Now it's not only because I'm used to it. It just takes time.

I can't be anyone but myself, man!

I don't want to be Angelina Jolie. Not that Angelina Jolie is not the most talented, beautiful, successful, amazing, admirable person who does good things for the world, but I don't want to be a movie star like that. I don't think there's anything about being a celebrity that is desirable. I understand that everybody's going to know who you are and what you look like, but why be so obsessive?

I would never cheapen my relationship by talking about them. People say, 'Just say who you're dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it.' It's like, No they won't! They'll ask for specifics.

[on playing Marylou in On the Road (2012)] She's generous in every aspect of her life and she wants it back just at much. I'm a slightly different person. I think that I liken myself much more to Sal's character, so to be that person running down the street with everyone chasing after was different. I think also she's so completely self-aware but not self-conscious and the same time and, like, I don't know how else to describe it other than there's just a generosity of absolutely everything. Because she wants everything in return she is willing to give you absolutely anything and I'm not like that. So it was fun. I also think that's why I loved the book initially. I wanna keep up with these characters. It's not that I'm so not like them, it's just that they inspire me.

[on working with female directors] It's hard to generalize about that subject because the women I've worked with have all been so different. But if there's one consistency, it might be that you do have to handle yourself differently on a set. Women can be more emotional - at least they sometimes show it more.

If you respect yourself and you love yourself, that's the only way anybody else is going to.

Nowadays it's harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone's Twittering. I'm going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone's going to Twitter my location and it's going to be, like, BOOM!
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